How to maximize storage space in your condo

Condo living can have its perks – there are often on-site amenities to enjoy, building maintenance is taken care of, and you can experience the full benefits of a bustling urban lifestyle. Yet, one of the common gripes of condominium and apartment living is limited storage options, which can make it tricky to store your things. Luckily, there are a few solutions you can try to make the most out of the space in your condo suite.

Whether you’re looking to tuck away your holiday decorations, suitcases or off-season clothing, here are a few storage solutions you can try in your condo today. 

Opt for furniture with integrated storage

Double up on your storage options by investing in multi-functional furniture that has built-in storage space. There are a variety of ottomans, coffee tables, sofas and beds out there that provide hidden storage units and drawers, which can make storing your belongings easy and discreet. Similarly, you can opt to tidy away your things in bins and containers that can fit underneath your furniture so that extra items can be stored away out of sight. 

Bonus tip: Opt for furniture pieces that are lightweight or have wheels on the base so they can be easily moved around depending on the needs of your space. You can also invest in convertible furniture — a sofa that turns into a bed, or a work desk that can be folded up against a wall — to allow for more efficient use of your limited square footage. 

Make the most of vertical space 

When it comes to condo storage, blank and tall walls are your best friend. If your unit has limited floor space, utilize your walls to provide you with extra storage when you need it. This can be as simple as installing a few extra wall hooks for hanging coats, bags and kitchen utensils, or investing in some bookshelves for displaying your favourite collectables, artwork and framed photos. Think of unconventional vertical space too, such as doors or the insides of cupboards where caddies and over-door organizers can be hung. 

Introduce built-ins on the wall

Sometimes adding a wall hook or two isn’t enough to offer the extra storage space that you really need. Opting for a more customized approach through the use of built-in wall compartments and shelves can provide storage options that are specific to your condo’s unique size and layout, while improving overall functionality. Wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling built-ins in your living room, entryway and bedroom not only take full advantage of useful wall space, but also introduce seamless and integrated storage options to any room.

Use smart containers

When every inch of storage space counts, there’s no room – quite literally – to carelessly tidy away your things. By strategically choosing the right containers or bins, you can maximize the amount of storage space you can squeeze out of your condo. For example, stackable containers can more effectively utilize vertical space in your kitchen cupboards and bathroom vanities. Vacuum sealed bags are great for storing coats, bedding and other bulky linens in small spaces. Clear containers are also convenient for easily finding your supplies without having to open every lid or box. If the bins are not transparent, stick labels on the outside for convenience. 

Bonus Tip: When in doubt, consider off-site storage

Maybe you’ve decluttered and reorganized to your heart’s content, but still can’t find enough space for everything in your condo. Don’t underestimate off-site storage as an option. Sometimes we simply can’t find a solution to storing awkwardly-sized or heavy items. On-site condo lockers or paid storage units are a great alternative for locking away large belongings that aren’t used on a regular basis, such as off-season sports gear, balcony furniture, large tools and bicycles. 

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